I’ll be writing under my pseudonym, jolt, with which I have commented from time to time on the blogosphere.  I don’t comment often, perhaps because I tend to get to a post when its already got 45 comments and I don’t have anything fresh to add.  I also have an alarming tendency to self-censor (which I’m hoping to overcome via this blog) and frequently type out a whole comment, read it over, and delete it.  I also tend to send an e-mail rather than comment if the blog requires registration.  I understand the reason for registration and may have to ultimately use it myself (assuming someone ever reads this) but when you have a quick thought, going through the whole registration process tends to derail the pithy comment.  I really should suck it up and register at more sites, I guess.

Anywho, I am jolt.  My immediate family consists of my husband, mr. jolt (original, eh?), my five-year old son BB and my three-year old son LB. I will try to keep consistent other pseudonyms of the various other personae who may appear here from time to time.   Alternatively, I may be really inconsistent and you’ll never know that the person I went camping with is also the person I went to Croatia with (actually, I’ve never been to Croatia, but a friend of mine went last year and had a fabulous time).