So, here I am in the only place in the “downtown” area that has wifi after 6pm. (Yeah, some downtown).  So, it’s this place that is super-caj cafe by day (you order your sandwich/salad at the counter & they bring it to you) that turns into this town’s version of hip at night (candles on tables, hip music, table service, fancy cocktails, etc.)  Heck, even the downtown Starbucks closes at 6pm (unless there is an event at the local arts center it’s next to – I know cuz I called them this morning to ask if they had wifi & how late they were open).  Why am I here sucking up wifi?Cuz its DATE NIGHT.  Woot! 

Except for mr. jolt & me, we translate date night into him writing/researching (the bane of full-time academic work while pursuing a degree) and me either running errands or (now) writing this blog. Then later, say 8, we actually meet & have dinner & talk about our lives in a fashion not commonly permitted at the family dinner table. I couldn’t run errands today b/c my car is in the shop (to the tune of $395! Ugh! Ouch!) so had to plan to meet mr. jolt downtown since I work there.

So because this is the only place with wifi after 6pm and because the lights in my office building shut off at 6pm (yes, you can turn them back on, but they then automatically shut back off every half hour and it’s a pain, not to mention its a big massive building that exudes creepiness after hours), here I am.   And because I hate to be a bad customer I have had two key lime martinis – not bad actually – and two appetizers, and now I’m not even hungry, but am about to meet mr. jolt for dinner.  At which I will try to explain why I had two appetizers when I knew I was meeting him for dinner, so I guess I’ll watch him eat – how romantic.  Which in the overall scheme of things is so minor, so gnat-like in importance I am ashamed.

But, sheesh I’m pathetic.  I do, truly need to get over this feeling ‘guilty’ for being a solo diner.  Seriously, I have ordered desserts when I didn’t really want them b/c I felt bad about only having an appetizer.

I am pathetic.  I have had two key lime martinis, though, so take this whole post with a grain  of salt — or grain of crumbled graham cracker, since that is how they rim the glass for the two key lime martinis. Tasty!