I will be writing a more substantive post( promise!)* later today, but for Monday morning I thought I would share a minor fear: that I will be blown away in the middle of the night.  Our neighborhood covers a rolling hill and our house is near the top of the hill.  Years ago, the neighborhood was mostly farmland, or at least  I assume it was because it has very few trees that haven’t been obviously planted to landscape the yards, none of which are that big.  So, when the wind blows, and it does, it howls and nips and moans past our house.  Our bedroom is on the side of the house that faces into the wind and many a night I wonder if the roof will rip off while I sleep. 

It has been particularly windy the last few days so I’ve been falling asleep listening to these shrieks and gusts.  But today on the radio they said that tonight we will have a “wind advisory” that I assume means that it will be even windier than it was this weekend.  So, if this baby of a blog I’ve just started stops abruptly, you will know that my entire house blew away in the middle of the night.  Maybe we’ll land in Oz – is it warmer there?  I hope so.  I’m tired of being cold.

*Some interesting & perturbing stuff in the paper over the weekend.  Assuming the big blogs haven’t covered all my points by lunchtime, I’ll have something weighty to discuss by the end of the day.