Cabrales.  A fabulous Spanish blue cheese that is crumbly with fine veins.  I first had this cheese about ten years ago when mr. jolt & I were celebrating something (birthday? anniversary?) with a super-fancy dinner in the city that had a cheese course.  We loved this stuff so much that, along with another cheese to be named later, we had the waiter write down the name of it so we could ask for it in cheese shops. Mmmmm.

Here is the wiki on it.  Having read that, I think I have frequently had Valderon masquerading as Cabrales, but they are both fabulous (dammit, there goes my V is for Valderon post).   While wikipedia doesn’t mention it, Cabrales was described to us as being macerated in red wine.  Not sure what that means, but it sure sounds good.  And, of course, Cabrales goes very nicely with red wine. 

In my view, it works better than other blues on steaks and other food combos – its strong, but not overwhelming.  My favorite combinations: mr. jolt loves to make us sandwiches of left over steak or lamb, a smear of fig jelly, and crumbled Cabrales.  Wow.  Also fabulous, as prepped by a local restaurant (one of the very few restaurants in the area that values quality, not quantity): dates stuffed with almonds and cabrales, then the whole package wrapped in bacon.  It is moan-inducing good.    mr. jolt keeps talking smack about trying to make the date dish at home.  I’m still waiting.

Also, Cabrales is definitely complex enough to stand on its own or just a cracker.  And its available for sale on-line (geez, I really need to hook up with some cheese site, hmmm).

*Some of you are saying “C! What about B!” To which I say, don’t be so linear.  I am still thinking about my B post, but I knew before I did A that C would surely be Cabrales.  If six months from now I still have not posted a “B is for __” post you may give me grief.  In the meantime, try some Cabrales.