So, I am the Ms. Fix-it in the family.  The tinkerer, the repairer, etc.  The power tools? Mine.  On occasion when brute force or height considerations make my work unfeasible I enlist mr. jolt, but otherwise, it’s all me. BB and LB like to help, which mainly consists of removing all my tools from their case and dropping them all over the place.

Anyway, when we moved here almost three years ago we bought a futon for the basement playroom to have a place to sit while watching Noggin & PBS.  We were foolishly talked into getting the “deluxe” futon pad with springs in it, which supposedly makes it more comfortable.  What the sales people didn’t tell us was that the springs made it unwilling to bend into couch position thereby putting excess pressure on the wooden futon frame because this futon wants nothing other than to be a completely flat mattress.  The wooden frame broke, a piece simply snapped after we’d had it maybe 6 months.  I looked at it, got an identical piece of wood, used my router to make the necessary holes to fit the various bolts & put it back together.  A month later, the other side snapped, so rinse, repeat.   Several months later one of the sides snapped again. 

So, we went to get a cheap, metal futon frame.  We should have scrapped the whole thing.   Two months later, the combination of the mattress & BB’s habit of hanging off the back had bent the metal frame back so that rather than an almost upright 90 degrees, it was almost sleeping level.

I thought at this point of bagging it and going to Ikea for a cheap sofa.  mr. jolt didn’t want to spend the money, and frankly neither did I since I knew the sofa would be trashed in a number of weeks (we have friday movie & pizza nights down there and BB is the messiest eater in the world).  So we went to Lowe’s and looked for straight brackets & ended up with 12″ mending plates.  We straighted out the frame & put the brackets behind it for extra support and screwed it all back together. 

One month later:


 each foot long, quarter inch thick metal bar was bent to a 45 degree angle.  Just bent.  So, again, we discussed the Ikea option.  Neither of us wanted to spend the money on a new couch.  So, back to Lowe’s.  This time, two metal plates on each side. 


 I’ll let you know how long it lasts.