So there we were, having a nice family meal at Olive Garden last night (as flea says, chain restaurants are a boon, of sorts, to parents with young children).  BB is enjoying fettucine, LB is eating his mac & cheese.  BB leans across the table and says, “Hey, LB, want to go to the potty with mommy?”

I shoot BB an evil look because I’m enjoying my dinner and don’t want to schlep to the bathroom when I know LB won’t actually do anything.  But, LB is in this phase where he loves to check out restaurant bathrooms, so of course he gets all excited.  I ask BB if he needs to come with us and he says no.

After several minutes of attempting to talk LB into doing something and doing our handwashing, etc., we make it back to the table.  mr. jolt shares the news that the suggestion had been an elaborate ruse by BB to get LB away from the table so BB could steal several spoonfuls of mac and cheese.  The stinker.