Ok.  I can hear the rolling eyes and disappointed murmurs already.  “B is for Blue?  You keep us waiting for weeks and this is the best you can do? What will be next, D is for Danish Blue?”

Oh well, now that I have alienated the true cheese snobs, us amateur cheese lovers can talk amongst ourselves.

Blue cheese is an immense category.  It covers crumbly cheeses and creamy cheeses; it covers fine veined cheeses and cheeses with globs of blue or black matter.  It is excellent on salads and hamburgers, goes well all by itself, or perhaps with a bit of pickle or fig. It can be made from goat, cow, or sheep’s milk.  Look at this list from wikipedia (and you know it’s not complete):

I am ashamed to say I have tasted only a fraction of the above.  This must be remedied immediately!  But, I have had several others not listed.  

Some people like blue cheese so much, they want to wear it.  I don’t think I’d go that far, but I do love blue cheese.  I’m not sure I could even name a favorite, except by food category: gorgonzola with pasta; cabrales with beef; stilton with wine (although, they are all pretty good with wine).

Do you have a favorite blue?