Epoisse (Eh-pwahs).  Roll that around in your mouth a bit: eh-pwahs.  That sensation of fullness in the mouth just to say the name is just like this cheese.  It is sooo creamy and oozy it comes in a little tiny round wooden crate so that it doesn’t crawl away from the cheese counter on its own.

It is also very strongly flavored, pungent even.   In fact, according to this cheese-buying site, it is so stinky, you are prohibited from bringing it on public transit in France.    In any event, it is gooey and stinky, but in a lovely way.  Because of its excessive ooziness, you will want more of a spreader knife to put it on bread or crackers (or heck, eat it out of the jar with a spoon!).  It is very tasty, but I recommend eating it with bread or another milder cheese (i.e. alternating bites) because it can get a tad overwhelming.

My tip if you are buying Epoisse: ask the nice person behind the cheese counter to find the squishiest one they have.  Basically, they (or you, if they let you) can tap on the top of the cheese.  You want the cheese to have some give or wiggle to it inside its rind.  If the cheese is firm to a light tap, it probably is not yet aged enough yet (or not properly aged) and will not be at its best.

Bon appetit!