A new sporadic feature here at Gangly Thoughts – “Legal Tip of the Day”

I cannot talk about my job because, well, I could get fired.  While there are many things I would like to talk vent rant about, I also value my paycheck. Ahem.  Yes, I sell cheap. Sorry.  I know you were hoping for a more principled stance, but alas.

BUT, I can offer these useful, generic tips about Teh Law.  So: tip of the day: Know your entity.  Are you a sole proprietor? A corporation?  Partnership – general or limited? Limited liability company?  If you do not know what your business is, please, figure it out.  Check those fancy papers you filed with your state’s department of state or what-have-you.  You may want to call yourself president, but that doesn’t have much in the way of legal significance outside of corporations.  So, even if “president” is the name on your business card and your fancy pants corner office, if you really are only a limited partner, you have no signature authority for contracting purposes absent an express delegation from a general partner, okay? 

That is all.