Ok.  I’m talking about work, but not really.  Just generalities. 

I had a 9 am meeting and a 10 am meeting.  Which meant making sure I got to work a few minutes early to grab the relevant files and fill up on coffee.  I only drink decaf, but the coffee is vital for meetings to give one something to do if there is some tangent during which one does not have to pay attention.  So, I drop stuff in my office, grab files for both meetings, pad of paper, pen, coffee cup, two quarters for the coffee machine.  fter getting coffee, I rush down the stairs. 

That is when I realize that I forgot to grab my id/pass.  The pass that allows me to re-enter on the floor where the meeting is.  Or any other floor other than the ground floor.  So, I have to walk down nine flights of stairs and take the elevator up to the lobby floor where the lady calls someone from my office to come get me so I can get into my floor and my office to get my pass to go to the meeting.  Needless to say, I was 15 minutes late for the first one.

When I was a new associate in private practice years ago I loved meetings.  You could bill all the time to the client, drink coffee, and watch senior attorneys & take mental notes on how to elicit information from clients, etc.  And I wasn’t usually bored because as junior associate it I was often responsible for taking copious notes on what occurred, etc. 

Now, meetings are just a pain in the tuchus.  Fortunately, these meetings did not generate new items for my to do list because I am barely keeping my head above water, and will be swimming fuiously for the next several months.

Anyway, I realize this is not the most tantalizing post, but I had to do something to get the farts post off the top of the blog.  I promise something more in-depth and less navel-gazing soon.