For those of you intrigued by the ooziness of Epoisse, but not so excited by its pungency, I have good news: Saint Marcellin.  mr. jolt and I first tried it when it was recommended by our local cheese shop when they were out of Epoisse.  And, I have to say, I think I like it better.  It has the same creaminess, but a milder flavor.  See the cheese encyclopedia for further details. Saint Marcellin is contained in a tiny little ceramic crock (as opposed to the mini-crate of Epoisse) – you could re-use it as a large salt celler or mini-ramikin.  Create a crock collection.

As with the Epoisse, when purchasing this cheese, get the wiggliest or squishiest one available. Then, eat promptly (within a day or two). Mmmm.  Yes, I have eaten the whole crock at one sitting.