I think my brain has rotted.  I think it is less rotten than it was when I started reading blogs about a year or so ago.  The beauty of all these blogs, particularly those with a dash of feminism, politics or academia, is I can enjoy all these discussions on various topics that I hadn’t had a chance to think about on a daily basis since I graduated college.

Nonetheless, when I look at the variety of people and the variety of topics that they expound on – at such length! in such copious amounts! I am amazed.  Admittedly, my time is rather limited.  I work full-time, and even with a short commute it means I am away from home 8:30-6.  I have two kids, a spouse.  I love to read. So, I am still coming to terms with all that blogging involves. 

In part, this is due to the fact that I am out of practice discussing the topics I enjoy reading about elsewhere.  I can write a legal brief on a dime, but clarifying my own thoughts about my own opinions and experiences is proving far more challenging.

Anyway, there was some far more profound thought about all this I intended to espouse, but as usual, it evaporated from the time I had it while sitting in the car and now, sitting at my computer three hours later.  

What challenges have you found exasperating or enjoyable in your blogging experience?