So the other night, mr. jolt and I were watching the Daily Show on the tivo (meaning, as usual, we’re about 2 weeks behind – it’s still funny).  The guest was Halle Berry- the clip is here.  I don’t know much about Halle Berry, I’m not sure which of her films I’ve seen, but she is obviously damn gorgeous.

Now Jon Stewart in his interviews has various approaches: (1) with celebrity/hollywood guests he usually keeps it light unless the person is known for some issue; (2) with author guests he will discuss the book and either politely poke fun at its absurdity or praise its thoughtfulness.  Ms. Berry obviously fell into the first category. 

Now, I’ve been watching this show for years and seen him flirt mildly with the various female celebrities or at least get them to giggle with meandering absurdities.  I was extremely struck by, however, of his complete inability to see her as a person.  I don’t know how well they know each other, but I swear in a clip of maybe 5 minutes he basically said in about 20 different ways that he would love nothing more than to fuck her.  Now, he obviously said it more humorously and with more charm, but it really did interfere with the flow of the converation at various points.

So I said to mr. jolt – I wonder if she has ever been able to have a serious conversation in her entire life?  Look, there are huge advantages to being attractive.  Studies show you are more likely to get ahead in school, at work, and obviously it can make meeting people easier.  But.  The level of Jon’s objectification  of her was staggering – and this from a guy that seems, most of the time, to get it, or at least get it more often than most male comedians. 

I don’t really follow show bizness, so I have no idea where Ms. Berry is believed to be in terms of wit/intellect.  I’ve certainly seen other actresses he’s had on the show that have literally done nothing more than giggle at his jokes, apparently due to nervousness or complete lack of anything to say other than the 2 prepared sentences about the movie they are promoting.  But, it seemed that Ms. Berry was attempting to have one of those semi-serious conversations about nothing that you see on these programs, and the converation had no flow because every 30 seconds Jon would make some comment about her body, face,  etc. 

 It brought home to me the way that beauty, which  many anti-women men will say is power, is really nothing but a cage.  And lack of attractiveness isn’t any better.

(updated to fix typo)