A potentially regular feature here at Gangly Thoughts: Friday Five.  As in five random items for Fridays.  Now most people I’ve seen that have Friday random posts list songs from their mp3s.  I will confess that I have very little music on my mp3 player- no time to upload/download! So, it wouldn’t be so random.  It’d be the same damn songs over and over.  Instead, you get five random thoughts.

Today: five utterly trivial pet peeves.  Feel free to share your own in the comments.

1) Being served cappucino when I asked for latte (I said these were trivial).

2) The lame live tracks played Friday mornings by my local radio station.  This morning: Bad Company in concert, from like 10 years ago. Whatever. It was not a good live track.

3) The massive Ford 150 that parks on the first floor of the parking garage at work thereby blocking half the roadway up to the higher levels.

4) LB being given homework from his toddler music class that involves “building a small cardboard house.”  Sorry, I did not sign up for homework that I  have to do for a 3 year-old.  Not happening. What do cardboard houses have to do with banging on drums and singing?

5) Being tempted to eat one of the donuts brought in by a work colleague and it is stale. Yuck.