This space will be sparser than it already is for the next two weeks due to a hearing I have next Tuesday, followed by my law school reunion in the big city the following weekend.  I am ambivalent about both events.

For the hearing, I’m a bit anxious because I haven’t done as much on my feet litigating of late (too successful in getting the cases dismissed, haha).   So, I’m trying to look at it as good practice.  I have a love/hate relationship with litigation.  On the one hand it is far more interesting and challenging than the transactional work I do, but on the other, it makes me far more stressed. 

For the reunion, I am really looking forward to seeing my buddy A who is flying into big city from Wisconsin – I haven’t seen her in a couple of years.  We’re both going solo because our spouses have other commitments that weekend so we’re going to have a real fun time on the town.  I’m sure there will be a handful of other people I will love talking to at the reunion itself.  Unfortunately, several of my friends who still live in the big city will be out of town and thus unavailable for gallivanting with moi. 

And I’m being a bit weird about the inevitable “so what are you doing these days” question at the reunion itself because I’m not very excited about my job.  It is an incredibly unsexy law job, unlike my last one.  On the other hand, I can say I’ve only worked one weekend in the past two years, which should make a lot of people drool with envy.  Legal career tip of the day: the sexy jobs are often those that require 80 hour work weeks.

I think the reunion itself will be a bit odd, but also perhaps really interesting.  At the five year mark, the vast majority of us were on the law firm treadmill, steadily marching for the partner-brass ring.  Now, some people will have made it, others will have opted for other career paths, a few might still be hoping to get the brass ring next year.  If other reunions are anything to go by, the people doing the most interesting stuff won’t even be there b/c they are off writing constitutions for new developing world democracies or other intriguing things.