So, I may not do a cheese post every week in the summer.  I don’t know about you, but as much as I love cheese, I don’t eat it as often when it’s hot out.  And today it was 83F.  But I promise to talk about other yummy things.  And I will post some cheese items while it’s hot.

Vinho Verde (also spelled Vino Verde) – aka green wine – apparently so called because it is a young wine – is a Portuguese white wine* that is phenomenal for summer.  It is extremely light and refreshing, perfect for a hot summer day.  It also has relatively low alcohol content compared to most other wines, which is a good thing because it’s very easy to drink it a bit too fast because it goes down quite easy.  It is crisp and and can sometimes seem a bit sparkling.  I have had several different labels, but the one I’ve had most often is Aveleda, which is pretty reliable.   We have been able to find Aveleda even in our relatively limited wine shop here, so I’d think it would be widely available. 

*One of the sites I popped onto for background said that the Vino Verde region produces more red than white wine, but I’ve only ever seen white ones.  I can’t comment on the reds.