In the hopes of lifting my mood on this gloomy Friday morning after a horrid Thursday, I am offering as my Friday Five, five things I appreciate about the place I now live and work:

1) We can afford a house with a backyard for the boys to play in.

2) I can walk in a park two blocks from my office at lunchtime on nice days.

3) The pre-school the boys are in is absolutely wonderful.  And we didn’t have to subject the kids to testing or interviews to get in, nor did we have to stand in line at 5am to get a spot (this latter we actually did to start BB in pre-school in the big city, I made mr. jolt go because I was 8 mos. pregnant & it was December (yes, December, to enroll for the following September! 5 am to ensure a spot)).

4) There are lots of kid-oriented or kid-friendly museums and such within a day’s trip distance.

5) You can get tickets to concerts (some, anyway) for a venue in the area by calling only 2 days in advance as opposed to hitting re-dial frantically the moment they go on sale.

What do you like about where you live?