Yes, we have no bananas cheese.

My apologies, no cheese post today.  I had my hearing today, which fortunately finished at about 3:30, but then I had a 3+ hour drive back from a city even smaller than the one I live near. My brain is fried and I had to stop about five times on the way back because my eyes kept closing — not so good while driving.  And of course, to give myself something to do to keep awake I kept buying more junk and now I feel like I have turned into a pillar of junk food. When I arrived home BB was woozy with some doozy of a cold and LB was bouncing off the walls.  Naturally, mr. jolt was late tonight due to some boondoggle he had to attend.  So, I’m tired.  Hence the ramble. 

As for the hearing, it went as expected, with a little more motormouth than I was hoping from my witnesses (No, stop, the first sentence was perfect, don’t ruin it!) and a failure to ask a question on my part that while not critical could be influential.  My closing (aka the part with the big dramatic summary at the end) went ok, but I was hoping to just do proposed findings of fact/law (I think I’m better on paper).  (p.s. so much for not talking about work, eh? Well, I just won’t be specific).

Sweet dreams, y’all.