In honor of my birthday, this week’s friday five consists of five things I like about getting older:

1) I occasionally feel like I have a clue.  I anticipate this will last until my kids turn 12, at which point they will make me feel even more clueless than I felt when I myself was a teenager.

2) I have vague sensations of having more control of my life.  Probably, I’m just delusional.

3) I now realize that life did not end at 30 or even 35 and probably won’t end at 40, 50 or 60 either, thank goodness, because there is a LOT I still want to do.  I am also greatly relieved that I can still dance.

4) I am a smidgen (just) more patient. No really, I am; you should’ve seen me before. 

5) I have finally learned the trick that sometimes being confident requires nothing more than acting confident.  Act and the reality may follow and if all else fails: fake it.

No posting until next week as I will be gallivanting in the big city all weekend long.  ttfn!