So the birthday weekend in the big city was fun (thanks for the b-day wishes y’all!)  The law school reunion was alternately fun and excruciating, which I figure is par for the course.  There were definitely people I enjoyed seeing and people I would have been perfectly happy not to see.  I did manage to either speak to or learn about everyone I was curious about and thus am happy about the updated lifeinfo/gossip.

Several quick petty complaints:

1) at mr. jolt’s reunion last year (different school) all the women (as far as I can recall) wore suits.  Naturally, I wore a suit to mine.  Virtually all the other women at my reunion wore cocktail dresses – wtf?  I’m still trying to figure out what that says about my school’s culture v. mr. jolt’s.

2) the chair of the reunion committee whom everyone at my table and several others collectively said, who the heck is this guy when he started speaking because we had never seen him before in our lives was a) boring and b) offensive.  Said something to the effect that there were several classes they should have taught in law school, like how to rein in your wife – um, hello ? close to 50% if not more of your classmates present are women, that joke bombed with all of us and a good portion of the guys as well. Idjut.

3) other than the appetizer the food was weird.  Some kind of flan for dessert (I hate flan – the texture squeeves me).  Before that was steak with nuts on top (weird).  Two of the people at our table were allergic to nuts & had to wait 20 minutes for steak with no nuts (didn’t they think they should have some nut-free entrees on hand? 

Anyway, I woke up the next day in a major funk – no, not a hangover, a funk.  As I was explaining to mr. jolt, it’s one thing to talk about your non-aspirational job if you are doing something you really enjoy and take pride in even if other people wouldn’t appreciate it.  It’s another thing to talk about your job which is unimpressive when you don’t love it.  In fact, I’d go so far as to say that it’s somewhat ego-debilitating.  So in between various childcare and work crises today I’ve been trying to give myself a pep talk about why I made the choices I did.  Followed by internal conversations about whether I had true choices based on our location (which I did not choose although I was ready to leave bigcity), lack of liquidity in the local legal market, etc.  In some ways I prefer the scenario in which I describe my situation to myself as the result of conscious decision-making: it’s one thing to make a choice and regret it; it’s another to feel like one didn’t really have a choice at all.  The truth is somewhere in between.

I will be posting more extensively about these inner debates later.