Melted cheese & things to dip it in – what could be better?  In big city over the weekend I had some manchego cheese fondue at one of my favorite restaurants (in part because it specializes in cheesy things).   While the traditional swiss fondue is decent, I prefer fondues made with a more rounded cheese.  I recall vividly this wonderful fondue pub/restaurant that was in the city when I first moved there (they also had rocking free food during happy hour – what could be better for kids just out of college).  It was totally unhip, but tasty and they had decent beer.  Naturally, they closed a year later (and it was just 2 blocks from my post-college office, sigh).

While bread is the natural cheese fondue dipper, I also enjoy sliced green apples and beef.  At the restaurant on Friday night, I successfully talked my friend A into trying the fondue, whose previous experiences had only involved either Swiss cheese or that boil your meatball in oil type fondue.  Fortunately, she really liked the manchego cheese (I always feel very responsible if I’ve recommended pushed someone into ordering something). 

I’ve also had stilton fondue, made with a little port or sauterne -divine! I think you can make fondue out of just about anything -see this and this.

mr. jolt and I used chocolate fondue as part of a dinner party for a group of friends many years ago.  Two of them were single and hit it off right away.  By the end of the evening M was feeding R strawberries dipped in chocolate.  They have now been married for years and have two beautiful boys (jolt pats self on back yet again for successful set-up even if it was mostly mr. jolt’s idea).  I’m telling you, if you want to set up some friends, do fondue.  Whether its cheese or chocolate, those clinking forks, dripping cheeses, etc. make for a great icebreaker.