Having enjoyed the wonderful big city benefits last weekend (before succumbing to strep throat this week along with LB, sitter had strep, BB had sinus infection, only mr. jolt has thus far come thru unscathed) I thought my friday five should focus on what I miss about the big city.  I’m not sure I’d ever want to live there again (maybe when the kids are grown, too stressful to raise kids there), but there are a lot of wonderful things:

1) Food quality: across the board from the tippiest top to the street vendor & everyone in between.  In particular, the ability to get a decent salad with fresh greens & interesting items pretty much anywhere that offers food and a place to sit.

2)Food variety: there is no comparison.  Every type and variety you can think of.  Here in middle nowhere outside of american& italian, there isn’t much.  And in big city not only is there variety, but it’s good!  Here in middle nowhere our only asian food is chinese buffet. Ugh.

3) Public transit that goes most places, quickly, fairly reliably, and for a decent price.  You don’t realize how fabulous this is until you are in suburbia and everything must be done by car.  There are buses here in mn, but I’ve researched it and it would literally take 2 hours for me to get to work (and another 2 to get home) on the bus and would involve me walking 3-4 miles to get to/from the stops.  If I drive, it’s 10-15 minutes.

4) Shopping.  Before I moved here I thought, how bad could it be, and there are always catalogs.  But catalogs don’t have the same appeal as simply walking by a shop window on your way home & popping in for 10 minutes.  The only decent shopping here is 2 hours away.

5) Taxis (aka not having to worry about having one more glass of wine at dinner). 

If this Friday Five is a tad lame, my apologies, I’m still doped up on medicine.