Never ask if someone has started a card or collection on behalf of someone in your office who recently lost a parent.  You will immediately be volunteered to  solicit, organize and send such card and joint donation to the family’s charity of choice on behalf of the 50+ people in your office.

This would not be so bad, and something I would be happy to do for a large number of people in the office.  This particular person I barely know.  The problem is that everyone barely knows this person (despite the fact she has worked here for about 20 years).  So I guess it’s a good thing that someone volunteered to do it – except I didn’t.

Am I mean, petty, self-centered or what?  But I’ve been out for 3 days due to either my own or family illness and have way too much to do (which is why I am inappropriately procrastinating by writing this.  Procrastination is my stress-reliever.  I assure you it’s very ineffective).