It has been a very long day.  Thus, I will attempt to link together disparate events under the umbrella category above:

1) Awoken early by my older son BB with the present of a candy necklace.  Because he previously presented me on Friday with a cute flower in a pot that he painted at school I do not kill him.  Besides, the necklace is sweet (ba dum bump).

2) Planting lavender and petunias by the mailbox early in the morning (early b/c see #1 above).  As new suburbanites, mr. jolt and I have gotten big time into the yard thing.  We’ve planted about a dozen baby trees in the three years we’ve been here (grow, dammit, it’s hot in the summer; we need some shade).

3) Interrupted while planting petunias by neighbor collecting for family that was burnt out of their home last night; ran into house for cash for collection.  I’d actually spent most of the evening the night before watching the ladder trucks, only two blocks away, from our upstairs windows (it seemed rude to walk over and gawk).  It took them hours to put it out.  The house was totalled.  Fortunately, they have insurance, but obviously it doesn’t cover everything.  I don’t know the family, but it must be devastating.

5) Smirking with amusement at the fifteen year old boy next door complaining to his parents about digging up their front lawn after working for fifteen minutes (they are digging up their lawn & re-seeding; no I don’t get it either, but apparently the weeds had won the battle on the old yard and they had to start over).  Father’s response, “Your mother, your brother and I spent six hours on this yesterday and you’re complaining after fifteen minutes!”  I love these neighbors.  And complaining aside, both the fifteen year old and the eleven year old are great kids (thank god because my boys worship them).

4) Nearby amusement park- where our family spends mother’s day (it’s really uncrowded, too few crazy mothers like me). LB, my three-year old, after eating 2 popcorn chicken (his only source of protein all day, bad mama) points to the snake-bashing game (like whack-a mole)  and declares “I wanna do dat, mommy, it’s weawy coowl.”  LB, with jolt’s help, successfully wins cheap fluffy animal made by underpaid workers in developing country (you have no idea how many of these crappy stuffed animals we have all over the house).

5) Discussion of roller coasters with BB.  BB declares that he will go on roller coasters next year when he is six because by then he will be a superhero and won’t be afraid of anything.

6) jolt sneaks away while mr. jolt watches the kids on the kiddie rides and goes on her favorite rollercoaster, a hanging loop de loop, with just enough drop & loop for fun, yet not so much that massive adrenalin kicks in.  Yiipppeeee!

7) LB falls asleep on the way home; BB promptly bumps into the horn while clowning around on his way out of the car, LB wakes up.  While LB definitely needed to brush his teeth, falling asleep at bedtime only to be awakened by horn in a confined space does not work well for his bedtime demeanor.  I spend 20 minutes talking him into putting on pjs and brushing his teeth while he wails.

8) mr. jolt & I make the kids lunches for tomorrow.  We’ve reached the point of lunch zen- it’s our closure for the day; once done our parental work for the day is complete.

Goodnight & Happy Mothers Day to my fellow moms!