You know it’s going to be a long week at work when you say to yourself, “Oh, I need to figure out what to do for my Friday Five post tomorrow.” But it’s only Tuesday night.

One of the advantages of private practice, at least in bigger firms, is that as you advance you can avoid some of the dread work, such as reviewing 100 boxes of documents at a time.  Outside of private practice, or in smaller private firms, there are no junior attorneys to stick with it.  Thus, I have the joy of reviewing a 100 boxes of documents.  Which can actually be interesting (well, ok, not interesting but less irritating than revising a contract for the umpteenth time because some new category of people decided to comment)  once you get into the “review zone”, but is stressful when none of the other projects pending have been taken off your plate, so that one is basically spending one’s day doing 2 jobs: 1/2 document review, 1/2 everything else.

I’m really trying to avoid coming in on a weekend, which I’ve only had to do twice in 2 years, both in the last month.  Why do things go crazy right when the weather is finally nice & I want to be outside with my kids?  It happens every year, although this is the craziest it’s been in my new job.