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Being overwhelmed at work, I thought I would take my mind off it all this evening by envisioning dream days, i.e., five wonderful ways to spend a day:
1) Beach. wake up early in a house near the beach and sneak out to the local donut shop with one of the boys to bring back donuts & coffee to eat before all of us head out to the beach where we build sand castles and wade into tide pools all day, mr. jolt & I taking turns playing with the kids and reading trashy books, breaking only for fried food and ice cream at lunch time.  Breaking from the beach in early afternoon for a round of mini-golf before de-sanding back at the house, followed by a picnic on the beach watching seals bob up and down in the water at sunset.  Bliss.*

2) Couplehood. mr. jolt & I in a hotel, sans children, sleeping in, spending a day wandering art museums until our brains are stuffed full of images; lunching at a bistro where I have a mesclun salad and really good bistro style french fires and a glass of wine; followed by walks through a beautiful public park, sitting on a bench reading next to each other in the late afternoon; capped off by a delicious dinner of eclectic food, lots of wine, which leads to . . . .

3) Alone. A day alone in which I sit outside on a warm, but not hot day, with a wonderful book and read it straight-through.  Alternatively, this would be almost as satisfying if done inside while terrible weather rages outside as long as there is plenty of hot chocolate and a cozy blanket to sit under.

4) Nature. A day spent hiking (a soft hike because the kids are with us) through the woods; spotting the occasional interesting flora and fauna; breaking for a picnic in a meadow underneath a shady tree while the kids run around trying to catch butterflies; the kids fall asleep on the way home and mr. jolt and I have fascinating conversation about moral philosophy.

5) Friends. Spending the entire day with close friends while various kids run around like wild animals, the entire day spent talking, cooking, eating, cleaning, then cooking and eating some more followed by a mock-vicious game of scrabble or poker.

What would be your dream day?

*We have actually lived this one where we go each year for vacation.   I love it because there is absolutely no thinking involved, no planning.