Sorry all you crazy asiago fans.  I just don’t get it.  The asiago trend crested a few years back, I think.  It was everywhere: asiago bagels, asiago pizza, asiago this and that.  I just never saw the point.  It tasted somewhere between cheddar and parmesan, but because of the lack of familiarity with the name it took on a hue of exotica, this unusual, “new” (to America) gourmet cheese.  All it did was give restaurants an excuse to hike their prices for cheese covered stuff.  Anyway, feel free to disagree in the comments or recommend some fabulous asiago recipe that will force me to change my mind.  I’ll be over here eating my pasta the way I always did, with parmesan/romano on top.  And I like my bagels plain, thank you very much,  any cheese on them will be put between slices by myself (my favorite: a good plain bagel, scooped* & toasted, with cream cheese, parmesan cheese & a liberal sprinkling of fresh ground pepper)

* scooped is when you slice the bagel and scoop out some of the squishy inside so that you have room for more stuff inside the yummy chewier outside.