Saint Andre is a mild triple creme cheese.  Triple creme, aka triple cream, signifies the amount of milkfat – in other words, this will not endear you to your cardiologist-75% butterfat – yummm.  It is a very mild cheese, and in my opinion, far, far superior to brie.  It is smooth and buttery.  While not the absolute best triple creme (I’ve had some that are close to 90% butterfat) it has a huge advantage in that it is widely available.  After all, what’s the point in recommending a cheese that only elite cityfolk can find and buy.  I can usually find it in the ‘fancy’ cheese section of our supermarket.

Buying tips:  It is often sold in a little round, white cardboard tub.  This is a fair amount of cheese, so you might want to look for a cutoff triangle if you can.  If you do see it packaged in a wedge take a second to poke it softly on the creamy inside.  If it stays dented and feels soft, it’s in good shape.  The one down side of Saint Andre’s wide availability is that some supermarkets do not store it properly or hold it too long and when that happens the middle, which should be creamy and soft, slowly stiffens and is not nearly as tasty.

I enjoyed Saint Andre over the weekend while cabin camping with a great group of friends.  More on that later this week.