So the jolt family went camping over the long weekend.  Cabin camping (as in rough bunks & very basic kitchen) with a bunch of friends and their kids.  Sooo much fun.  A little canoeing, a little kayaking, a little hiking, some fishing.  Lots o’ cooking, eating, scrabble & laughter.  And s’mores of course.  Some snippets of conversation:

> First evening, in the kitchen:
jolt: I’m not seeing any beer in the fridge or the coolers.  Who was supposed to bring the beer? We need beer! 

> At the campfire, jolt joins the s’moresfest in progress:
BB: Mommy, stop, drop & roll really works!
jolt: uh, great.  jolt looks at mr. jolt to say wtf? mr. jolt shrugs shoulders.  When assisting BB with pajamas a short while later it is discovered that he has a hole in his shirt, similar to a cigarette type burn hole, but twice the size.   Yes, it’s a good thing stop, drop & roll really works.

> At the picnic table:
10 year old girl: what is feminism?
jolt: feminism is the radical idea that women are human.
10yo: what do you mean, of course women are human!
jolt: yes, but they are not usually treated that way.  Discussion of various examples ensues. (Anyone know of a good primer on feminism suitable for a smart 10 year old girl- I’d love to send one to this budding feminist).

> at the rocky beach:
BB & LB and friends: Will you please help us with our fishing poles.
jolt: Sorry boys, mommy doesn’t do worms, you’ll have to wait for daddy to come back.