Ok. So it’s Wednesday, sorry I’m a day late.

Anyway, today I wanted to extol the joys of welsh rarebit (also known as welsh rabbit, but I don’t use that term because I don’t eat Thumper).

Welsh rarebit, for those unfortunates who have yet to experience it, is basically cheese sauce on toast.  It is a consummate comfort food and takes very little time to make.  My mom used to make this when there was not much in the fridge.  Really, what could be better than cheese sauce on toast – ooey, gooey cheese, with a kick. Yum!

 A recipe for it can be found here.  I like the recipe in the Joy of Cooking (no access to my copy at the moment, sorry, but check yours if you’ve got it) The main ingredients are cheese, milk, and worcestorshire sauce.  The recipe linked to above uses cream, but I’ve had it with milk, you just need to cook it down a little more to thicken it.

Secret confession time: lately when I make it I cheat and use pre-made welsh rarebit sauce.  Stouffers makes it and its in the frozen food aisle.  BB likes it, as do I, although LB does not (if I could just convince him to taste it).  Anyway, it’s quick and if I put it on the table when it’s just me and the boys with some carrots and grapes it makes a pretty quick 5 minute meal that isn’t completely unhealthy.