So I won’t get confirmation until I hit the doctor’s office this afternoon, but I’m 95% certain I have strep.  The second time in about a month or so.  Our sitter has had it three times in that same time frame, which is almost worse because while I can take sick-leave if I’m sick or the kids are sick (so far only LB got it, once), I can’t take sick leave when the sitter is sick.  I have to use vacation days, which I don’t have a lot of because I’ve only been at this job a couple years and they are extremely pitiful about vacation until you have been here a while (but generous about sick leave, thank good).  mr. jolt has covered some of the childcare gaps, but can’t cover it all.

So anyway, to officially open my little pity party, the five worst things about being sick at the moment:

1) I cannot swallow without almost weeping in pain.

2) mr. jolt is out of town at a conference and there is no downtime for sick mommies.  I did pizza & a movie last night so I could veg on the couch while the boys stuffed themselves – I don’t know what I’ll do to get through this evening.

3) I’m worried I will infect either the boys or the sitter (please M, don’t get sick again!!) despite copious handwashing.

4) There is no “stop” button on the world that will allow me to simply sleep for a few days without missing anything or taking care of vital parental or job duties.

5) I’m too tired to think of a fifth item. bleh.  Oh, yeah, my mom is visiting this weekend and the house is a mess.  And no, my mom is not the maternal type who will simply say, “don’t worry, just you rest, dear, until you feel better.”  Rather I will be entertaining her and the boys.

Sorry for the pitiful post.  See ya next week.