So here I was idly reading blogs after doing paperwork tonight when I said to myself, aack, it’s friday tomorrow, I must do my friday five.  I have been in a major rut of procrastination lately – at home, at work, at blogging.  I keep telling myself – it’s going bite you in the butt! Just do it already! Get off your lazy butt!  As usual, this has only limited success.  Now that I am looking at some serious crunch time in the next few weeks, the panic has set in.  To delay the inevitable, and thus procrastinate until the last possible second, I offer you my favorite procrastination techniques:

1) reading.  for pleasure that is.  I sometimes re-read whole series by favorite authors so I can read one after another (no waiting 2 years for the next installment).  When this happens, depending on the lenghth of the series, two or three weeks can seriously go down the drain as every spare second is spent reading feverishly. I have been known, on arriving at the parking garage for work 5 minutes early, to whip out the latest installment & read until the last possible second.

2) Cleaning and/or organizing.  This serves as procrastination only for other forms of work that involve higher levels of brain power.  When I have a major brief or whatever due, before I sit down, I update my files, or remove all the stacks of paper from my desk and put them in folders and file cabinets.  My apartment in the city was never so clean as before law school exams.  Similarly, if taxes need to be done, gee, look at that closet, I must rearrange it immediately!

3) sleeping.  In summer I often wake before the alarm goes off because our bedroom is very bright.  Energetic thoughts flit through my head: exercise! take care of that inquiry from the thingamajig company!  I do none of these.  Post-kids, my being awake before they are and just lying there in the luxurious dawn sunshine is enough.  On occasion, though, when in the middle of rereading a favorite author, I will get up & read over coffee (one procrastination for another)

4) blogs. need I say more? 

5) The Daily Show.  We don’t watch much tv.  Actually 99% of what we watch is tivo.  Aside from the kids shows, the occasional soccer match (and the occasional guilty pleasure of cleansweep or supernanny (yes, I am a geek)) Daily show is pretty much it.  Oh, and namaste yoga.  I rationalize it by saying: oh, I must watch 5 daily shows in a row, it’s clogging up the tive machine! (we got hooked on tivo years ago when mr. jolt’s former employer got some super deal b/c they were working with the company and we got a machine for some superduper price and lifetime service-woot! only works on one tv though, so of course we got suckered into getting another one when we moved here and had 2! tvs!) Bu tivo is helpful for recording middle of the night soccer matches for mr. jolt and maintaining an endless supply of Kim Possible and Blues Clues.