So we’re in the backyard, with another family over for dinner.  Their son and our two boys are squabbling over various trucks, balls, etc.  Finally, after much cajoling to play coopeartively, they stumble on some game that they can all play without appeals to parental intervention every two minutes. 

It involves concocting some mixture with water from the hose, sand from the sandbox and who knows what else in a big, blue bucket.

J inquires as to what they’re making – “Is it soup?”

“No, we’re making . . .


Yes, that’s right, ladies and gentlemen, the boys were making a gigantic, blue bucket full of lattes.  What is the world coming to?

Then, the kicker.  J asks, “Oh, can I have a latte?”

“No,” say the boys, “These are poison lattes to kill bad guys.”

I’d say this is the next weapon in our war on terror, but I think it’s more likely that Americans, with our Starbucks lovin’ ways, would fall victim to it than whoever we were trying to defeat.