This morning mr. jolt, mr. jolt’s mom, and my two boys departed for a camping trip.  They will return sometime on Monday.  This means that I have the entire house to myself for three nights & two days (too bad I have to work on Monday.  Or today for that matter).  Oh bliss!  Not that I won’t miss my family,1 but the the entire house to myself!  Woot! Here are my plans:

1) Read an entire novel with no interruptions.  I naturally sorta-speedread so this is only a few hours of my lucious weekend.  But still! Heavenly.  I hope the weather holds and I can sit in the sun.

2) Purge the entire house of every toy, game, etc., that is broken, missing critical pieces, or once accompanied a fast food meal.  Shh, don’t tell the boys.  Noise-making toys may also suffer a swift fate similar to the ‘bring out your dead’ scene from MP’s Holy Grail.  Not broken yet, oops, oh, there you go, so sorry.  I am also planning to reunite long separated toy parts (“Oh, little yellow lego, where did you go?” “I spent six months with a broken bulldozer underneath LB’s bed – it’s good to be back in the lego bin!”).

3) Drink wine, stay up late, sleep in.  Although after several years of early rising training courtesy of the boys, I almost always am up around 7am.  I’ve totally lost my ability to sleep in properly.  I had toyed briefly with going out with friends, but I think I will just relish my alone time.  As an only kid, I had a lot of solitude growing up and I miss it.

4) If I am not tempted to read a second or third novel without interruptions (or perhaps a film? I have no idea what’s out) I may run about the shed and the garage fastening hooks & putting up shelves to get the incredible amounts of crap that suburban life seems to require off the floor.2

5) Drink quarts and quarts of coffee on Sunday morning while reading the Sunday NYT – uninterrupted.

1Standard parental disclaimer/declamation of adoration for one’s family.
2Perhaps you think that I am spending too much time organizing when I could be loafing about eating chocolates and cheese. To which I say, you have not seen my house.