This Friday Five is going out early because we are headed for the beach for vacation tomorrow morning.  We’re going to the same beachy area that we’ve gone to since BB was a big bump in my belly.  Sometimes we’ve gone with friends and their kids (great fun) sometimes just our family (also fun).  We keep talking about going somewhere else for a change, but this place is so easy it’s hard to pull away.  My favorite things to do while we’re there:

1) Run around on the beach helping the boys catch hermit crabs.  Sometimes we even see a horseshore crab (which are actually more related to spiders than other crabs according to a book we bought last year).  Last year, a baby seal got caught between the sandbars and we all had to stand back while the wildlife officers kept us from getting to close while we all waited for it to find its way out to the bay.  A picture of this seal is used in the header of the blog.

2) Eating ice cream.  While on vacation we almost always do this twice a day – once on the beach at lunch time, some drippy pre-packaged ice cream sandwich thingy, and later after dinner a scoop of local ice cream at one of the fabulous ice cream shops.  The beach shack where we go to for lunch sometimes also has awesome stringy onion rings.  Mmmm. 

3) Going for a walk through a nearby nature preserve.  Although last year this was not successful – the boys were tired and refused to walk and wanted to be carried the whole way.  Ugh.  But the year before we spotted a turtle laying eggs right in the path.  I ran back to get a ranger because we were worried the eggs might get crushed by later walkers.  It turned out the turtle was endangered so they placed some kind of barrier to keep people from stepping on it. 

4) Grilled lobster.  Wow.  None of that drippy mess you get when eating a more traditional boiled/steamed lobster.  You need a big cleaver to do it because you have to split the lobster lengthwise so that you can cook each half shell side down on the grill.  mr. jolt did not make it last year and I was very grumpy. 

5) Naps.  Although I’m not sure they’ll happen this year now that the boys are older.  With all the sun and water, even BB would fall asleep on a just long enough stroll in the afternoon while sitting in the jog stroller we used to rent while there.   Now, neither are napping regularly so we’ll have to see whether mr. jolt or I get to take our own.

Have a great week everyone!