Why, why, you ask would anyone want a boring weekend?  Well, remember that ancient Chinese curse “may you live in interesting times?” So, the things that have made my life ‘interesting’ this week:

1) mr. jolt is out the country.  This isn’t really that interesting, but it made all the other ‘interesting’ things more stressful somehow.

2) We had a fire in our backyard on Wednesday. 

Fortunately, it was a small mulch fire.  We had mulch spontaneously combust in one of our flower beds.  (yes, this happens – try googling spontaneous mulch fire)  It’s actually a good thing that our sitter was home with the kids because they smelled the smoke and put it out and the entire house didn’t catch on fire (it was right next to the house).  The boys did enjoy the visit from the firemen (who had been called before the source of the smoke had been found).

3) We had rain in the kitchen on Thursday. 

Yes, rain.  The drain hose from the washer, which is on the second floor, came loose and so we had 1.5″  of water on the floor in the laundry room, with seepage through the kitchen ceiling.  The drops dripping off the light fixture over the kitchen table were a nice touch, I thought.  Never have I been more thankful that our shop vac is wet/dry – I was able to suck up all the water that seeped into the air vent in the floor.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we don’t end up with mold in our ventilation system.

 4) After cleaning up as best I could from the item above, I get a call from my mother informing me that she had just returned from the hospital. (Uh, thanks mom’s husband – ya think you could give her only daughter a call when she’s been admitted to the hospital?)  She’d had a bad fall on her bike on Tuesday and knocked herself out for about 12 hours and broke her clavicle.  They kept her in for a day due to the severity of the concussion, but she seems to be ok, if a little woozy.

Overall, nothing horribly, horrible, but a nice, quiet, weekend would be much appreciated, thank you.