So, as I once again catch myself doing something that I am trying not to do, I decided to use it as inspiration for my Friday Five: Bad Habits I am trying to break.*

1) Resting, slouching, etc, into my left hand, propped on my desk, while I work.  I wasn’t even aware that I did this until someone I work with mentioned that I am always doing it (he can’t help but notice because the direction out of his office means he looks directly into my office every time he goes anywhere).  I could have been self-conscious about this, but now I know why I always have stress-knots on that side of my shoulder/neck, so I’m actually glad he told me.  Now, I just need to stop doing it.

2) Turning off alarm #1 (set to get my butt up to exercise) and hitting alarm #2 (set to an hour later).  I have been very slothful.

3) Reading after the kids are in bed.  Not a bad habit in and of itself, but there are numerous projects that have been sit, sit, sitting all summer.  If I just spent 1/2 hour on them before sitting down to read, my stress level would go down; instead, I block out the stress by reading. 

4) Inadequate planning for writing time.  I really need to do better to set aside certain evenings to do this.  I had a really good practice for a while, but it’s completely fallen apart this summer.  In some ways all the crazy scheduling requirements that go on during the school year force me to plan better.

5) Talking down my job.  I tend to badmouth it, at least to myself  and close friends.  And really, it’s pretty good.  There are days when I have felt my work is somewhat pointless, but some recent events have highlighted the necessity and importance of what I do.  I think there is something in most people’s egos  that drive one to want what one does do to make a difference.  I hadn’t felt that until recently and it makes a big difference in my view of my work.

What bad habits do you want to break?

*I have many other bad habits, but I don’t really have any desire to stop doing them at the moment.