I finally had a chance to eat some super cheese this past weekend, so I can report on them over the next few weeks.

One of the cheeses I had was Smokey Oregon Blue.  I’ve had smoked Gouda before, which is good, but as I’ve said before, not as good as aged Gouda.  I’d never had smoked blue cheese so I thought I’d give it a shot.  It was intriguing.

Smokey Oregon Blue is a hard blue cheese, not a soft one, made of cow’s milk.  It is creamy and has the bite I associate with blue cheeses, but with a hint of barbeque (at least that’s what I associate with smoky tastes).  I love smoked things – it’s what I love about chipolte, the smoky essence. 

Smokey Oregon Blue is made by the Rogue Creamery and is cold-smoked over hazelnuts.  I can’t find a website for the creamery, but you can buy the cheese through various websites, including Artisinal.  Artisinal recommends drinking Sauterne with it, which would definitely be a great match.  mr. jolt and I were finishing a bottle of syrah when we were eating this and that was pretty good too. 

I’m going to ask our local cheese shop if they carry it or can order it – this cheese is definitely a little bit different and I’ll enjoy sharing the find with friends.