Another one of the excellent cheeses I had the weekend before last is Nancy’s Camembert.   Made by the Old Chatham Sheparding Company in the Hudson Valley, not only was this listed on the cheese selections at the restaurant we were at for our cheese course, it was listed, by name,  in a menu description at the restaurant we went to the second evening.  Clearly, Nancy is known by the chefs. 

In fact, a google search shows that it is listed, by name, on many menus.  Deservedly so.  It is a super creamy and buttery cheese.  Unsurprising I guess that is was a gold-medalist at the 2007 World Cheese Awards1 according to Artisinal.2  As per Artisinal, it is made from sheep and cows milk from super special sheep and hormone-free cows.

Don’t worry about where it comes from, just know that it is delicious.

1Who knew? Anyone know how I get invited to the next world cheese olympics? Do they have free tastings?
2I’m not trying to pump Artisinal (although it is quite fabulous)-they do pop up though whenever I do searches to learn more background about the cheeses I blog about.