So the school year starts next week for mr. jolt, and in two weeks for the kids.  I am experiencing a mild sense of panic over various things that need or should be done and are not.

1) We have no sitter for the one day a week that I must both drop off and pick up the boys from school/care due to mr. jolt’s unusual work schedule this year.  I can’t get my work hours in & do both trips to school and my employer is a stickler (can’t make it up on other days, which is absurd).   Craigslist and other venues have not panned out.  Just got an email through a posting I did at our local community college – my fingers are crossed that this one will work.

2) The boxes of artwork I got at the end of the year for each child are still sitting on our dining room table (hmm, guess we haven’t used it all summer).  I must sort, purge, and put away before the new influx begins.  Not to mention we’re having guests next week and will need the table to eat.

3) Soccer 2 nights a week, piano one night a week.  Now I understand why families never have dinners together anymore.  And this is only one child (LB is still too young).  I’m stopping swim lessons until soccer is over because it is just too much.

4) There are about half a dozen matters at work that have the potential to explode in the next few months.  With mr. jolt’s work schedule this year, there is no real flex in my family time commitments (i.e., no one to cover if I have to work late) so if work gets busy I’m not sure what I’m going to do.

5) I’m sure there was a fifth, but my brain is too fried to remember. (I know, that’s a cop out – so sue me).    Oh, yeah, that same problematic work/school schedule of mr. jolt’s means that I will have virtually no “writing nights” for the foreseeable future.  

Anyway, I’ll just be spinning in circles over here, doing shallow breathing, and being seriously pissed at mr. jolt for not thinking through this schedule and the demands it is putting on our family , and more particularly me.  (Did I mention that I have to switch my work schedule so that I will start a whole hour earlier?)  Grrrrr.