LB has really been acting out at bedtime lately and it’s incredibly frustrating because I like the end of the day, the last moments before we say good night, to be nice.  It may be too much for them to be calm, but tantrum free would be lovely.

Anyway, after mr. jolt had a short battle with LB, he came into BB’s room where BB and I were reading a book.  “LB is being such a twerp!” he exclaimed.

BB asked, “What’s a twerp?”

“Twerp is uh, someone being irritating. Twerp. T-W-I-R-P,” said mr. jolt.

“No, it’s T-W-E-R-P.” I replied.

Hot debate ensued.  I have since consulted and both versions are accepted, although t-w-i-r-p is described as a variant of twerp.  I think that means I win by a nose.  Disturbingly though, twerp is described as someone worthy of contempt, which is certainly a far harsher description than what I’ve usually used it for (and obviously far harsher than what mr. jolt meant under the circumstances).

All I can say is the kid can be very stubborn.