The last few days BB, a few days shy of entering kindergarten, has expressed interest in “talking cool” and “looking cool”.   I’m not sure where it came from, but what’s really funny is he has been asking mr. jolt and I “how to talk cool” and “how to look cool” – oh, the poor child, little does he know that one’s parents are never cool.

Because we the ‘rents are not up on the current slang, we referred him to one of his favorite shows – Kim Possible, which uses some self-referential slang that is not overly annoying.  BB’s current idea of what looks cool: purple toenail polish, and polish on the thumbs (ok, he wanted all 10 fingers and this was my compromise).  He also likes to wear his soccer socks pulled all the way up so they look like leggings underneath his soccer shorts.  And he wants a mohawk.   mr. jolt and I are still thinking about it – I figure that since school photos aren’t taken until spring, what’s the harm?  Besides, I think it might offset the potentially negative reaction he might get for the nail polish.