September 2007

So there we were, finishing up Sunday dinner, when, as usual, LB finished long before anyone else and excused himself (ok, left the table saying “I’m done”, (I’m working on it)).  The rule in our house is that the boys can’t have dessert until mr. jolt and I have finished dinner.  This achieves two things: (1) sometimes they eat a little more healthy stuff while waiting for us; and (2) prevents us from jumping up and down several times more than we already do while trying to enjoy our meal while it’s still hot.

Anyway, LB decided to serenade us while we ate.  He grabbed the long-handled dustpan and began singing, in style and form similar to Dave Grohl,

I’m a Foo Fighter
I’m a Foo Fighter
Go Kim Possible
You have to love your heart
You have to love your heart. . . .

I’m telling you, the kid has a future in rock and roll. He had that deathgrip on the ‘mic’, the intensity of your baddest VH1 rockstar, the semi-dancing while rocking the mic one way and another. If I owned a lighter, I would’ve lit it.


I have seen elsewhere people who list 40 things to do before 40, some of which involve the sublime (world peace, travel to exotic places) and the mundane (completing baby albums for their kids).  While I enjoy lists, trying to come up with 40 things that I want to accomplish and that, while not easy, are not blatantly impossible given current finances, lifestyle, inherent laziness, etc., is beyond me.  Besides I have less than 3 years.  So, focusing on those items that are centered totally on me, myself and I,  and are not obligation-oriented, family-oriented, or current-career-focused, here they are:

1) Write and submit a piece of writing for non-internet publication.

2) Take singing lessons. 

3) Take a creative writing course.

4) Draft and re-draft a novel and submit for publication.

5) Take the totally rockin’ dancing/gala outfit I have to a dressmaker/tailor and have a copy made in a different color and with a slightly different top (square neck w/ short sleeves as oppposed to scoop tank)

What do you want to have done in the next three years – just for you?

Please support the day of action.  There are many posts talking about the details of this , if you are not already familiar with the story, see here and here and here.

No, not Romano as in the alternative to Parmesan – Roomano from the Netherlands.  This is similar to, or a type of, aged Gouda, depending on who you ask.  According to wikipedia, Gouda has more than48% butterfat, while Roomano has less than 48%.  As you know, I love aged Gouda.  I had Roomano a few weeks ago and it was heavenly.  Super intense caramel and butterscotch flavors with an undertone of nuttiness.  A hard cheese, it can be enjoyed alone or would be fantastic on a gourmet turkey sandwich with honey mustard.

Roomano is apparently hard to find – try a specialty cheese shop or one of the on-line cheese purveyors.  Yummmm.

BB and LB like to “fight-wrestle” with mr.jolt.  I figure it’s a relatively harmless way to use up their excess energy, although it does get them riled up, often right before bedtime (their favorite time for this activity). 

Hmmm, could it be a stalling technique? No. Never.

Anyway, BB has finally figured out how to shampoo and rinse his own hair all by himself without getting the shampoo in his eyes (take one washcloth and clamp it firmly in front of the eyes while rinsing in the shower) and is overly proud of this new mark of independence and sign of his impending coolness.  He has also started brushing his hair copiously after drying off.

Thus, while thrilled at the possibility of fight-wrestling moments before bed last night, he nonetheless declaimed “Don’t touch my hair; don’t mess up my hair!” And then dived into the fray.

What makest his so amusing to me is that BB has  ultra-straight, ultra fine hair that just lies there, no matter what you do, so absent copious amounts of gel (or melted marshmellow), there is nothing one could do to get it to “mess up” other than cut it too short.

1) Typing and using the mouse without contorting my hand.

2) Putting on/taking off a bra without having to twist the fastener to the front, which I haven’t had to do since I was 12.

3) Putting the car into reverse and drive without reaching ooover with my left hand to put the car in gear.

4) Opening beer bottles.  I am managing wine bottles okay, though, so all is not lost.

5) Grabbing an out of control kid to put him in time out.  The boys know that I have been reduced to solely using my wits to move them where I want them to go.  I’m not sure who is winning.  Thus necessitating copious amounts of wine after they are in bed (which incidentally does more for the pain than the vicodin they gave me (which I stopped using almost immediately, it made me nauseous)).

Come back opposable thumb! Heal quickly! I need you, I want you, I cannot liiiiiiiive without you. 

I’m sure I’m not the only one who finds it highly amusing the searches that lead people to one’s blog.

Most recent “Can mulch spontaneously combust?”1

Why, yes it can!

Seriously, some enterprising investigative reporter should look into this.  Why hasn’t mulch been recalled?  Who will save us from our flowerbeds?  Do we have any alternative?  But mulch prevents weeds!   It’s worth any sacrifice!

And yes, we still have a 10x5x3 pile of mulch in our driveway that’s been there since May.  (the web-based “mulch calculator” was hideously wrong in assessing  our mulch needs) And no, that was NOT where the mulch fire started.

1 Don’t worry, I do have far more lascivious searches-I am not totaallly lame. No really.

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