I’m sure I’m not the only one who finds it highly amusing the searches that lead people to one’s blog.

Most recent “Can mulch spontaneously combust?”1

Why, yes it can!

Seriously, some enterprising investigative reporter should look into this.  Why hasn’t mulch been recalled?  Who will save us from our flowerbeds?  Do we have any alternative?  But mulch prevents weeds!   It’s worth any sacrifice!

And yes, we still have a 10x5x3 pile of mulch in our driveway that’s been there since May.  (the web-based “mulch calculator” was hideously wrong in assessing  our mulch needs) And no, that was NOT where the mulch fire started.

1 Don’t worry, I do have far more lascivious searches-I am not totaallly lame. No really.