1) Typing and using the mouse without contorting my hand.

2) Putting on/taking off a bra without having to twist the fastener to the front, which I haven’t had to do since I was 12.

3) Putting the car into reverse and drive without reaching ooover with my left hand to put the car in gear.

4) Opening beer bottles.  I am managing wine bottles okay, though, so all is not lost.

5) Grabbing an out of control kid to put him in time out.  The boys know that I have been reduced to solely using my wits to move them where I want them to go.  I’m not sure who is winning.  Thus necessitating copious amounts of wine after they are in bed (which incidentally does more for the pain than the vicodin they gave me (which I stopped using almost immediately, it made me nauseous)).

Come back opposable thumb! Heal quickly! I need you, I want you, I cannot liiiiiiiive without you.