BB and LB like to “fight-wrestle” with mr.jolt.  I figure it’s a relatively harmless way to use up their excess energy, although it does get them riled up, often right before bedtime (their favorite time for this activity). 

Hmmm, could it be a stalling technique? No. Never.

Anyway, BB has finally figured out how to shampoo and rinse his own hair all by himself without getting the shampoo in his eyes (take one washcloth and clamp it firmly in front of the eyes while rinsing in the shower) and is overly proud of this new mark of independence and sign of his impending coolness.  He has also started brushing his hair copiously after drying off.

Thus, while thrilled at the possibility of fight-wrestling moments before bed last night, he nonetheless declaimed “Don’t touch my hair; don’t mess up my hair!” And then dived into the fray.

What makest his so amusing to me is that BB has  ultra-straight, ultra fine hair that just lies there, no matter what you do, so absent copious amounts of gel (or melted marshmellow), there is nothing one could do to get it to “mess up” other than cut it too short.