I have seen elsewhere people who list 40 things to do before 40, some of which involve the sublime (world peace, travel to exotic places) and the mundane (completing baby albums for their kids).  While I enjoy lists, trying to come up with 40 things that I want to accomplish and that, while not easy, are not blatantly impossible given current finances, lifestyle, inherent laziness, etc., is beyond me.  Besides I have less than 3 years.  So, focusing on those items that are centered totally on me, myself and I,  and are not obligation-oriented, family-oriented, or current-career-focused, here they are:

1) Write and submit a piece of writing for non-internet publication.

2) Take singing lessons. 

3) Take a creative writing course.

4) Draft and re-draft a novel and submit for publication.

5) Take the totally rockin’ dancing/gala outfit I have to a dressmaker/tailor and have a copy made in a different color and with a slightly different top (square neck w/ short sleeves as oppposed to scoop tank)

What do you want to have done in the next three years – just for you?