UPDATE: We have found someone -who seems phenomenal & has glowing references-who starts Monday.  Please cross your fingers for me! 

Our new sitter, who was working out beautifully, gave notice yesterday.  She found a full-time job working in a daycare.   I strongly suspect that she took our job as a stop-gap because she was new to the area.  If I’d known, I would have still hired her while looking for something more permanent.  While it saved us temporarily, and she was great with the kids, we are now back searching after less than a month and we will be without a sitter in ten days.

Please excuse me while I run screaming in panic and frustration. 

Update: Just wanted to add that my broken thumb is better and out of its cast.  However,  at the moment, I would prefer a broken thumb than no babysitter.   Yes, that is right, a good babysitter is worth more than a right thumb.