Out of weird curiousity, I googled myself today (my real life persona).  I was expecting not much.  The first time I ever did it, about three years ago, I popped up on the first page with a martindalehubbell directory listing (it’s a directory of attorneys) for myself in my old firm and some publications I co-authored while there.  In addition, having a common name, there were other listings I don’t remember.

Sometime last year I googled again and my old attorney listing was gone.  My entire persona had disappeared, but someone with my name was apparently a champion at some type of sport I’d never heard of and couldn’t make sense of.  But they were really good, so ok.

Today, I googled again and there is an actual domain name with my name in it, which name I apparently share with a minor celebrity (who, now having their own website, is apparently not as minor as they were last year).  In addition, there are two blogs, apparently run by another person who shares my name, who unlike me, is blogging under their name and not pseudonymously.

For some reason, I am most perturbed by the fact that someone else is blogging under my name, even though it’s a name that I have never used online and no one who reads this blog would associate with me and no one who reads those blogs would associate with me either virtually or in real life.  But it bugs me all the same.

The internetz is weird sometimes.