Ooh, kinky.

Sorry folks, this does not involve unusual applications of soft cheese to enhance, uh, interpersonal activities.

Rather, prompted by my promotion from cheese blatherer to cheese scholar by CharleyCarps, I wanted to inform you of the new dream future reality as proposed by mr. jolt: 

He will use his academic career to score visiting professorships (and/or sabbaticals) in places that make yummy cheese (think Spain, New Zealand, etc., etc.).  I will use our time abroad to eat scads of cheese and write pithy books that are cheese-centered travelogues.  The boys will learn other languages and finally appreciate cheeses other than the orange kind that comes with a box of pasta.*

Hmm, now if only I could get the cheese-travelogue book contract to support this new way of life. . .

 *To be fair, BB does like a mild goat cheese.  LB, however, barely tolerates parmesan on his spaghetti, and rebels when mac&chz is presented with the non-neon-orange form of chemical cheese.